Gps Phone Tracker App

Real time localization of your motorbike

Your mobile app to find and recover your stolen motorbike

Download our free app (both Android and iOS) to help pinpoint where your precious vehicle has been parked !

Real time localization


Waste no time ! No delay, almost instant localization with our device and the app on your smartphone !

Instant alerting


Get notified by SMS, phone notification and email whenever a suspicious movement has been detected on your motorbike !

You can sleep peacefully


Change our app settings so you can be notified in all circumstances, even when your phone is on "do not disturb" mode. You will never miss an alert !

2 way communication


Between our app and our tracking device.

Always improving


With our roadmap, both the software side of our application and the harware side of our GPS tracking device.

Never short of improvements


We are making changes every month or so. That guarantees you to benefit from our products evolution in the short, mid and long term run.

Check it for yourself


Watch the video to discover how the app can change your life !